A Dangerous Place      Salt 2012  Stepping Out

(winner of the V.S.Pritchett Prize 2009)

 Cynthia Rogerson is a new writer of great clarity and humanity - definitely one to watch.

-          AL Kennedy

 Cynthia Rogerson tells a compelling and involving story.

-          Jackie Kay

 Cynthia writes with delicate poignancy and wit. Her stories, sometimes funny, sometimes slightly surreal, sometimes unbearably sad, unravel seamlessly and with a sense of place. Her characters are always utterly real.

-          Isla Dewar

 A Dangerous Place is an intensely felt and movingly rendered story.  A worthy prize winner.

-          Bernard MacLaverty

 Cynthia Rogerson is a writer of tremendous heart and intellect and manages to combine the two without trace of sentimentality. Like Alice Munro she writes with startling authenticity and is a North American writer with Scottish sensibilities. Her humour is sly, her characterisation superb, she winkles out and makes heroic the average nerd in all of us. She is a courteous rebel and currently one of Scotland’s best writers.

-          Laura Marney

 Cynthia Rogerson is a writer who brilliantly melds warm insight with sure eloquence, great characterisation with tight dialogue, terrific depths with vital subtleties. The overall effect is a literature that moves through beauty, humour and mystery towards a better understanding of what makes us human.

      -    Kevin MacNeil


The story is told with a measured calm, almost a distance and certainly a lack of  sentimentality.

Yet it is,  when she decides to take us close, just a breath away from

becoming intimate, moving, sad.  This is some feat for a writer, something we all want to

 achieve.  A beautiful short story.

-          Tim Pears 

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